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The Canadian Life Sciences innovation summit

Monday Oct 2, 2023

The summit

#NGBIdeas is an annual Life Sciences innovation summit in support of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation that brings together today’s industry leaders and scaling startups from across Canada.

#NGBI is a series of short talks by current industry leaders to update summit attendees about the path they and their companies are taking and discussing the #NextGreatBigIdeas they see on their horizon. After each industry leaders speaks they will invite a startup founder to the stage who is working on that idea and the founder will then outline the journey of their company and how they are impacting the future of Canada’s Life Sciences economy.

THe speakers

Our featured speakers have been chosen from various life sciences sectors and provinces across Canada including companies within agritech, artificial intelligence, biotech, bioinformatics, drug discovery, genetics, immunology, medtech, molecular biology, nanomedicine, pharma, regenerative medicine, therapeutics and venture capital.

Who should attend?

#NGBIdeas is an informative, entertaining and inspiring national Life Sciences networking event for industry executives and suppliers, startups, investors, academics, students and members of the public who want to learn what about the future of biotech and life sciences in Canada. Attendees will get the inside story on  what the current and next generation of Canadian Life Sciences companies are doing and where this important and growing sector of Canada’s economy is heading.

NEtworking Reception

The after-event networking reception will be held at the Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden and the adjoining the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Pavillion within the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH) which is located next door to the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Please note the $150 ticket cost to attend the post-event reception is in addition to the #NGBI summit ticket. You must also purchase an event ticket to be eligible to attend the reception. As space at the reception is limited these tickets will be sold on a first-come-first serve basis.

About The NGBIDEAS podcast

Who are today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s disrupters, innovators and leaders in Canada’s Life Sciences sector? What are they doing and how did they get there? Join Jim Wilson as he sits down with notable leaders, innovators and disruptors who are working on the Next Great Big Ideas in Biotech, Medtech and Life Sciences across Canada.

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